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About Hookin It Charters & Tours

Crafting Lifelong Memories on the Waters of Cedar Key

Award winning and nestled in the heart of Cedar Key, Hookin It Charters And Tours LLC invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the area’s inshore waters. With a passion for the ocean, our crew is dedicated to curating experiences that will leave lasting memories for you and your family. Captain Jayson’s love for the sea, inspired by fond memories of fishing with his father, drives our mission to share the beauty and excitement of the ocean with as many people as possible.

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Count on us for peace of mind. We're fully insured to ensure your safety and satisfaction every step of the way.

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With years of experience and a reputation for trustworthiness, we're your go-to choice for unforgettable adventures.

About Our Captain

Jayson Porter

Jayson Porter

Jayson Porter is more than just a captain – he's your experienced guide to unforgettable ocean adventures. With.

Jayson Porter

Hookin It Charter & Tour LLC

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Your Personalized Fishing Adventure Awaits in Cedar Key

At Hookin It Charters And Tours LLC, we’re more than just a fishing charter – we’re memory-makers. Our goal is to provide a personalized and unique opportunity for families to explore the waters of Cedar Key and Crystal River, Florida, while creating memories that will last a lifetime. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of family and the value of creating lasting experiences together. Captain Jayson Porter, with his passion for the ocean and dedication to ensuring every detail of your adventure is taken care of, leads our team. From scalloping to deep-sea adventures, we strive to provide the best service and ensure that every moment on the water is filled with joy and excitement. Choose Hookin It Charters And Tours LLC for an unforgettable family-friendly experience.





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Discover the thrill of offshore and inshore fishing, along with exciting scalloping expeditions in Cedar Key! With expert guides and top-notch gear, we offer unforgettable experiences on the water. Whether you’re reeling in trophy fish or searching for scallops, let’s make your next adventure one to remember. Book now and get ready for an epic day on the waves!